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Our preschool offers families a variety of services, engaging activities, and learning through play for the children.

Flexible Child Care for working parents Preschool Affordable Daycare infant one two three pre k years months
Preschool Hours All Day Affordable childcare Flexible daycare hours
Working parents daycare flexible different days child care working

Flexible Childcare

Customizable segments based on your family's needs. 

Preschool Hours

Monday - Friday,  9am - 2:30pm

Full Day Hours

Monday - Friday, 7am - 6pm

All year preschool summer camp school program christian
Christian preschool affordable loves kids christian teachers teaching bible
community helper visitors preschool daycare fire department police first responders

Year Round Programming

Summer Camps and schooling year round.


Bible stories and songs teach about Jesus and Christian principles.

Community Helpers

Community Helpers visit and engage with children year round.

Preschool Guest Visitors Houston Audubon Dentist Professionals fun for kids
Preschool Soccer program daycare after preschool program


Annual visits by staff of the Houston Audubon Society, Houston Grand Opera, and local medical professionals.

Guest Readers

Guest Readers from Northwoods Presbyterian Church read to the children weekly.


Soccer Shots offers after-school beginning soccer skills training weekly.

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